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Cold Meat

Traditional Cold Meats


Traditional Italian cold cut (salume) made from the muscle running from the neck to the 4th or 5th rib of the pork shoulder or neck.It is a whole muscle salume which is dry cured. *Typically sliced very thinly*


Italian bacon made of pork belly meat that is salt cured and spiced with black pepper and sometimes other spices. Two basic types of Pancetta ?arrotolata” (rolled) and “stesa” (flat) *Typically sliced very thinly*


Salami is cured sausage, fermented and air-dried meat. The raw meat mixture is usually allowed to ferment for a day then mixture is either stuffed into an edible natural in edible cellulose casing and hung to cure.


Is an Italian aged salami, produced with pork, lard, salt, pepper, spices and sometime garlic. It is a typical product of theVeneto, in Northern Italy.


The cotechino is an Italian charcuterie product, similar to salami, but requiring cooking; usually it is boiled at low heat for about four hours. Its name comes from cotica (rind), but it may take different names in the different production areas.


Italian sausage (salsiccia, in Italian) most often refers to a style of pork sausage noted for being seasoned with fennel as the primary seasoning.

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